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How To Start A Profitable Blog | Website Host Options & Affiliates

Show of hands, who either just found out what a website host was or still has no idea what the heak it is? It’s okay because I was right there with ya!

Basketball is simple if you know the rules, just like blogging is simple if you know the terms. Can you believe I signed up for a website host without even knowing what it was? I just saw that a bunch of bloggers said you needed it so I took the plunge and signed up on a whim.

Now that I actually know what it is, you DEFINITELY need one. And just like basketball has multiple teams, blogging has multiple website hosts to choose from.

So for anyone who is completely lost (just like I was) I’ll walk you through what a website host is and your different options to choose from to get your blog going!

Oh and also how to start monetizing to make some money!


Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Which means at no extra cost to you, I will be compensated when you use my links. You can read more about our disclosure here.


What The Heak Is A Website Host?

A website host is pretty much what makes your website even able to exist on the internet. It’s the foundations to your blog.

Think of it this way, you can’t build a house without a foundation and you can’t build a website without a host. Once you have the foundation of a house set, you can start creating somewhere to live.

Well your website host is simply where your blog lives.

Free Hosting Vs. Self Hosting

So the big question is why wouldn’t you just use free hosting when you’re just starting out?

My number one reason? You don’t actually own the content you are creating when you’re using a free website host. Plus certain rules will prohibit you from monetizing your blog posts.

Which means that you won’t be able to make as much money from your blog!

I don’t know about you but I don’t want to hinder my money flow! Plus what looks more professional, or 

You automatically seem more credible when you have your own .com website name. Which is great because that means people are more likely to listen to you and turn into long term subscribers and generate sales later on.

I tend to feel a little iffy when I see a website that doesn’t have its own domain name. Especially if I’m going to be buying something through the website.

So making the small investment in a self hosted website will definitely benefit you.

What Is WordPress?

This is the program where the creative process actually takes place. Remember when I said you want a self hosted website so you own all of your content? Well that’s the difference between and software.

One you use with free hosting, the other you install with the host and website you already OWN! Having a website host is definitely worth the investment if you want to make money blogging online.

Blue Host

$3.95/a month

24/7 Customer Support 

FREE Domain Name 

FREE Site Builders 

FREE WordPress Installation 

Blue Host starts their plans at just $3.95 per month (a 50% discount)! I’d start off with their basic plan because you get all the necessities you need to get started with that $3.95 low price.

Blue Host

Once you’ve selected the plan you’d like, you can select your new domain name.Blue Host

You can then select any additions you would like along with your plan. I recommend at least getting the domain privacy protection (it’s only $.99 a month) so it will protect your personal information from being shared with marketing companies who will call you a thousand times with solicitations.

Once you’re logged into your new account scroll down to the website section and click on “Install WordPress” to start writing content!


Use this link to get 50% off your new Blue Host hosting plan!

Host Gator

$2.78/ a month

24/7 Customer Support

$5/ a year for Domain Name

Free WordPress Installation

Host Gator has some MAJOR savings going on for their hosting plans. They have dropped their Hatchling Plan to just $2.78 a month! I would grab their 36 month plan because you’ll get the $2.78 price and save a TON in the long run.

You’ll then be able to pick a domain name (get creative!) and choose how many months you’d like your plan for.

There are additional options you can choose from like site back and a professional email that you can add if you choose to do so.

Once you are signed in to your new host plan, you can find the “Install WordPress” option on your control panel and officially start writing content!

Use this link to get 60% off your Host Gator plan!

HostGator Web Hosting

Site Ground

$3.95/a month

24/7 Customer Support

FREE WordPress Installation

FREE Website Setup And Transfer

$14.95/a year for Domain Name

Site Ground has a great 60% off deal going on for all their hosting plans! I recommend starting off with their startup plan when you’re a new blogger because when your site begins to grow, you can easily upgrade the plan to account for new traffic.

Once you choose the plan you’d like, you’ll be able to grab a domain name (get creative!) for just $14.95 a year which comes to about $1.25 a month which isn’t too shabby.

When you’re done you can finalize your plan and add any extras you’d like. I recommend getting a 1 or 2 year plan to really take advantage of the 60% off deal. After that you can also get additional domain privacy or the SG site scanner is you choose to.

Once you’re done you can go to the “My Accounts” section and click on the “Go To cPanel” button. It will bring you to a screen with an “Autoinstallers” section where you can install WordPress!

Use this link to get 60% off your new Site Ground hosting plan!

Web Hosting


So How Do I Make Money?

Well you’ve got a ton of options to make money blogging online, but my two favorites when you’re just starting out are Affiliates and Ad networks. Anyone can get signed up with networks, and you don’t even have to have a huge following yet! I signed up for a bunch of programs before I even had my first 100 page views.

Affiliate links allow you to talk about a product you love (so easy!), and in return, the company will PAY YOU for either getting people to their website, or getting new paying customers for them!

While Ad networks allow different companies that may relate to your audience run ads on your blog. In return, you will be paid for allowing those ads to run.

Some of the affiliates I used to get started:

Shareasale this is my favorite so far! There are a TON of different companies within this network like Checkout 51, Grammarly, and Tailwind so you’re bound to find a company or product you already use and love or one that you’d like to try out and eventually promote.

CJ (Commission Junction) This network has tons of companies like Turbo Tax and Credit Sesame, plus companies can reach out to you as well!

Flex Offers This network has different categories that you can look through to find companies you love like Hulu, Lyft, and Free Tax USA.

Viglink Another great network that has tons of big name brand companies like Groupon and Finish Line to share with your readers.

Amazon Affiliate I don’t think I know one person who hasn’t bought something off Amazon at least once in their life. Amazon is great because the possibility of products to promote are endless! That laptop case you ordered that you can’t live without? Share it and make money in the process!

My Strategy

I like to come up with a concept for a blog post and start brainstorming the key points I want to make in the article. Then I go through my affiliates and see which ones will best relate to my readers and help solve their problems in any way.

The key phrase there is SOLVE THEIR PROBLEMS. If your audience is terrible at saving money and you show them an app that will do the saving for them, you just solved their problem and generated a sale!

By the way that app actually exists. It’s called Qapital and it’s the best savings app I’ve ever used!

Ad Networks An ad network that’s SUPER easy to join if you’re just starting out.

Google AdSense One of the bigger well-known ad networks in the game.

Something that I learned that is extremely important to remember is that more page views DOES NOT necessarily mean more money. You don’t need to have 50,000 page views a month to make an income. I’ve had some of my highest income when my page views were the lowest.

It’s all about building a relationship with your readers so that they’ll want to listen to you and take your product recommendations. Once you build that relationship, the possibility for income is endless!

It’s Time To Start A Blog And Start Making Money

First off take a deep breath because I know starting a blog can be scary. Trust me I was terrified about all the unknowns. But you will only regret it if you don’t try and that’s what motivated me to take the plunge.

I can’t even begin to describe the impact it has had on my life in such a short amount of time. I learn something new every day and I’m loving it!

If at any point you need help or have any questions during the setup process, feel free to email me at and we can figure it out together!

Good Luck!

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