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Oh Valentines Day. A day filled with love, hearts, and of course my favorite color, pink! But with all the fun festivities of the day comes the inevitable spending spree. There are two main money spending days I always mark in my calendar.

And Valentines Day is definitely one of them.

Whether you’re celebrating the day with the love of your life or having a day devoted to the amazing ladies you’re lucky enough to call friends or family, you’re going to end up spending some money.

So how do you save some cash on one of the biggest spending days of the year? It’s simple. You grab my favorite money saving app, and get ready to plan the best romantic date night (or girls night) in!


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The Food

So the great thing about a date night in is that you get to do a ton of mini dates all wrapped up into one! First things first.

Cooking a meal together! This is not only a fun bonding experience but you can improve some of your cooking skills in the process.

Something I’ve learned from using Pinterest (a lot!) is that you can create an amazing meal without having to sell an arm and a leg to do it. With just a few ingredients you can put together a really tasty dish.

Now even though you’re not dropping hundreds of dollars at a restaurant, you still need to find a way to knock that price down.

And that my friends is where Ibotta comes in!

Buy your food, scan the product or receipt, earn cash back. Oh yeah it’s seriously that easy. Ibotta is giving you cash back for buying things that you were already going to buy anyways!

So now while you’re dancing and singing in the kitchen as you and your sweetheart (or best friend) are creating a meal together, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing you saved some money!

The Drinks

Have you ever seen those awesome mixed drinks the bartender creates like it’s nothing? Well get ready for the next date night event because the two of you are now bartenders in training!

Browse the internet for some fun drink mix recipes to try, grab the ingredients, and then grab the Ibotta app because there’s a whole section devoted to beer, wine, and spirits!

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it does!

Which means not only are you saving money with your homemade meal, but by using Ibotta  you’re getting cash back on the drink to compliment it too.

So now as you’re chatting away and laughing about the days events (and looking at all the pictures you took to save the memories!), you won’t have to worry about how much money is left in your bank account.

Can it get much better than that?

Free Entertainment

Remember back in the day before you had a job, a car, or well any kind of real life? And if your parents weren’t able to take you somewhere you had to find ways to entertain yourself at home?

Well it’s time to get creative again!

Got some board games? It’s time to battle it out and see who comes out on top!

Have a bucket list of movies you’ve been wanting to watch? Get Netflix going and snuggle up with some warms blankets.

Enjoy video games? Pop in a throw back game and reminisce about old times.

Got some craft supplies lying around? Get your DIY creative juices flowing and create something together!

When you actually take a look around your house and channel your inner ten year old kid, the possibilities of fun at home entertainment becomes endless!

Don’t Go Broke This Valentines Day!

I think we’ve all learned a valuable lesson here. You can have an incredible date night in without spending your entire paycheck!

Spending the day with your significant other or kicking it with your girls, Ibotta will help you save some extra cash so the day after Valentine’s day isn’t a funeral for your wallet.

Oh and did I mention you get $10 added to your account just for signing up? Oh yes! If you use my link not only will you be saving money, you’ll be earning some extra money too.

Now that’s what I call a good Valentines Day!

Good Luck!

Want Some More Date Night Ideas?

Are you completely broke but still want to have fun date nights? I have created a list of my favorite no spend date night options!


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