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How To Use Quizzes To Grow Your Email List

Building an email list was the one thing that I really didn’t have a game plan for when I started blogging. Mostly because although everyone said you needed to build an email list right away, I just couldn’t see the benefit.

Well now that I’m almost halfway through my first year blogging, I can definitely say that it IS important!

Being able to connect with your readers outside of your blog is huge for keeping their readership going, and allows for a second place for you to introduce a sale.

It’s hard to come up with an idea of how to capture emails in a non-aggressive way while still making it fun.

The most common tactics I’ve seen are simply putting a place to join your email list on your sidebar, adding a freebie so readers will be more opt to sign up, or having a pop-up capture form.

I implemented some of these tactics which have done well, but I wanted something a little bit different that would have more interaction and showcase more of my fun personality!

I had never heard of quizzes as a form of lead generating and email capture so the thought really intrigued me.

And within one day of having my quiz up as a form of email capture, the sign ups were rolling in!

To be honest, I really didn’t think adding a quiz email capture was going to help me much but after experiencing the growth first hand, I wanted to share it with anyone who is struggling to grow their email list.

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Okay So What’s Interact?

Well your answer is pretty much in the title. It’s an INTERACTive way for your readers to experience your blog, while generating new leads and leading to an email capture!

Interact is a quiz building system that allows you to customize a quiz with an email capture form at the end to grow your email list and increase potential sales.

Let’s say you’re a food blogger. You could create a quiz called “What Shopping Mistakes Are You Making?” and offer a list of helpful tips and resources for your readers to save money while grocery shopping if they sign up for your email list at the end of the quiz.

Or maybe you’re a fashion blogger and you do a poll called “What’s Your Staple Summer Piece?”. After they choose offer them a list of your favorite places to get that item and how you save money if they opt in for your email list.

You could even do a giveaway and list the items you will be giving away and use the email as a form of sign up.

The options are truly endless so you can let those creative juices fly!

How Does It Link With My Email

Interact will integrate with some of the biggest email marketing companies like Convert Kit, Mail Chimp, Mailer Lite, and many more companies.

This way you don’t have to worry about figuring out how to link your current lists with the new email sign ups you’ll be getting.

Interact makes it really easy to link your email list so there is no crazy time consuming coding required. This was honestly so helpful because I’m not a tech person and I get so frustrated when I can’t figure out how to do something.

Walk Me Through It!

Login to your Interact account and find the option that says “Quizzes”. Once you click on that there will be an option to “Create New Quiz”.

Next you can either choose to start from scratch to create your quiz, or use one of the many pre-made quizzes and change the elements to fit your vision. These are super helpful if you don’t totally know what direction you want to go yet.

Now you can choose what type of quiz you want to create. Do you want a fun way to make an assessment test? Are you doing a unique spin on the classic personality quiz? Are the answers given a score at the end that match up with a corresponding item?

Here’s the most important part! Your email list of course! You can customize your opt-in form, link it to your email provider, and connect it to the list of your choosing.

Then you can get creative! Finding a catchy name for your quiz, grabbing an eye catching image, and writing a description that will make your readers want to click through. Let your personality really shine through. This isn’t a boring old high school quiz, it’s a fun interaction for your readers!

Now it’s time to get your questions and answers ready. You can choose to use image answers, or type one in yourself.

And finally the results! This part is crucial because it’s where you need to seamlessly transition into an email capture. After your readers receive their results, offer them something irresistible that will make them want to put in their email! You get a new subscriber and they get an exclusive freebie straight to their email.

Click here to start creating your quiz and increase your subscribers!

Truth Time, Is It Really Worth It To Grow Your Email List?

Ummm Yes! Finding a creative way to ask for a readers email without bombarding them with pop-ups is hard. This way your readers get a fun interaction without feeling overwhelmed.

Interact has changed the way I think about lead magnets and email opt ins because there truly is a way you can make asking for an email fun. Plus you can significantly increase your email subscribers and potential sales which is a win win.

Good Luck!

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  • Reply Dyana

    I have been researching ways to grow my email list and I always get the ‘free printable’ answer. I’ve never heard of a quiz I’m really interested in that! I think I’ve put off my email list for long enough.

    August 8, 2017 at 10:59 pm
    • Reply BrokeandYoung

      I’m so glad you’re interested in the quiz idea! I was so intrigued by the idea of a quiz because I had never seen anyone use one before. It’s definitely worth it because my email sign ups have improved dramatically 😄

      August 9, 2017 at 8:12 pm

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