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Food Swap Your Way To A Healthier Life

Now that the new year is in full effect, I know a lot of you may have the goal to start living a healthier lifestyle. Which can seem like a lot of work when you look at health and fitness professionals in the media.

BUT living a healthier lifestyle can be as simple as making a few smart swaps to the food that you eat on a daily basis. So, if you’re looking to make some positive changes in your life, why not start with the food in your cupboards?


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Swap Soda for Sparkling Water

Soda might taste good, and it might be great at quenching your thirst, but when you consider that a 12-ounce can of Coke contains over 9 teaspoons (39 grams) of sugar, you can easily see how it could be a bad choice.

If you’re thinking that you can just switch to diet, it may not be the best move.There has been some evidence to suggest that many diet sodas contain sweeteners which make you feel hungrier, encouraging you to eat more.

So if you can’t cut it cold turkey, try opting for a natural flavored sparkling water that is free from sweeteners instead. This will cut down on a lot of calories and sugar from your daily diet just from a simple beverage change.

Swap Eating Out For Cooking In

Even if you eat at a pretty healthy restaurant, there’s the bread bowl, the wine list and the hidden calories that can make even a supposedly healthy salad be a poor option to go with.

When you cook at home, you have much more control over what food you eat, which means you can ensure a healthy balance in terms of both nutrients and calories. Oh, and of course it’ll be much healthier for your wallet too!

Swap Store Bought Dressings For Homemade

Have you ever heard people ask for dressing on the side? I always used to think that was crazy because the dressing is the best part!

But store-bought dressings tend to contain a lot of calories, which kind of defeats the purpose of a salad. So instead invest in some nice balsamic vinegar and olive oil and start making your own!

You can get creative and create something unique to your taste buds.

Swap Fruit Juice For Whole Fruits

A lot of fruit juices tend contain a lot of sugar, whereas whole fruits contain essential fiber.

If you make the swap, not only will you feel the benefits in your digestive tract, but the energy that you get from fruit will be released at a slower rate.

Which won’t spike your blood sugar or lead to an energy crash mid-morning.

Swap Lettuce For Spinach

Okay this one may not sound that exciting BUT once you add all your favorite salad ingredients, it’ll be like nothing even changed!

You’ll increase your vitamin intake for a better physical health, and add a good source of calcium, iron, and vitamin K to your diet.

Swap Sugar For Cinnamon

Want to add a little sweetness to your food? Instead of adding sugar, add a little spice in the form of cinnamon instead.

Why? Because it tastes great, brings a sweeter flavor to food without any of the calories, and according to some studies, it could even lower insulin resistance, helping to prevent diabetes.

Food Swaps Are Small Steps To A Healthier Lifestyle

You don’t have to sacrifice all your favorite food and only eat raw, natural, and organic. Everyone has a different lifestyle and food choices. You just have to find the best way to improve your own personal diet.

If you love popcorn, grab a bag of Skinny Pop or get some kernels and make it homemade. If you love lemonade, switch it up and squeeze some fresh lemon juice into a glass of water.

It’s the little changes you make that will have the biggest impact.

Good luck!

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