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Five Reasons Your Blog Isn’t Making Money and How to Turn it Around

You’ve spent most of your time building your blog so that it ranks on the first pages in search engines, increasing your domain authority score and attracting a lot of page views.

That’s it, right? Not so fast. With all the time and energy you put into your blog, wouldn’t it be nice if you could make a little money with it?

You must have read stories of successful bloggers like Yaro Starak, Walter Akolo and Michelle Dunlop, who are making hundreds or even thousands of dollars every month from their blogs.

While these numbers aren’t the norm, there is certainly money to be made with your blog. And if yours isn’t here’s a few reasons why it might not be and how you can fix it.


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You’re Not Offering Relevant Products

One of the best ways you can make money on your blog is through affiliate marketing. By writing reviews, performing tests and making recommendations about products or services to your readers, you can make a little money from your blog.

But if you’re doing this and not having much success with it, there’s got to be a reason why. And it’s usually because the products you are offering aren’t in line with the reasons why your readers engage with you.

You need to make a distinction between what is useful and relevant for you and what is useful and relevant to your readers. For example, maybe you started using this new hand cream that makes your skin feel amazing. Naturally, you want to share it with others, so you write up a post about the cream and how amazing it is, including (and disclosing) some affiliate links.

Well, if your blog is dedicated to health and beauty, this will probably work great. But if it’s about working from home, there’s a good chance this content will fall on deaf ears.

You might be reading this, nodding your head, thinking how silly it would be for someone to do this. But you’d be surprised how common of a mistake it is. Bloggers, especially successful ones, develop a rather intimate relationship with their readers, and they often misinterpret this.

Every blog has a specific message, and your readers are there for that purpose. Don’t get fooled into thinking the connection you have with them means they will follow every tip you offer.

Spend some time getting into the shoes of your readers so that you can understand why they come to you and what you can do to help them. If you do this, then the products you are offering to them will be relevant and useful, and your commissions will rise nicely.

You’ve Got Non-Converting Traffic

As a blogger, it’s always an exciting experience waking up one morning to realize that your traffic has doubled compared to what you had a month ago. But not all traffic is created equal.

Starters get excited when traffic increases, but those looking to make money with their blog get excited when both traffic and conversions increase, largely because these two factors ultimately determine the value of your blog.

If you’re interested in making money off your blog, you need to consider the following to make sure that an increase in traffic means an increase in income:

  1.    Who are these people and where are they coming from? You can learn about where people heard about you and you can also learn why they landed on your site. How many become loyal followers?  Answering these questions will help you get an idea as to what you offer these people so that you can leverage this into some type of revenue.
  2.    Is your content good enough? If traffic increases aren’t resulting in increased sales, then there’s a chance your content isn’t resonating enough with people when they first get to your site. If you answered the above questions, your next job is to adjust your content so that it does a better job of drawing people in.

The other thing to consider is targeted traffic. You’ll need to invest a little money on your own, but it’s worth it, as this is the traffic that visits your blog, reads your blog posts and gets hooked. They follow you on social media, sign up for your mailing list and eventually become interested in buying from you.

You’re Not Building Relationships With Your Readers

Even though your blog needs to earn you some cash that can sustain you, it doesn’t mean that you should advertise in every single post like there was no tomorrow.

It’s true that advertising is one of the most scalable ways to grow, but people are more likely to buy from people they know, like and trust. They buy when their friends share and not when their acquaintance’s spam.

That means it’s important to get out there, “meet” your readers, talk, listen and support them. Share what you are doing in an honest way that resonates with people and they will come asking for more information.

However, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t advertise. Advertisements are great for reaching more people. But it’s a fact that most people won’t buy from you until they’ve had some personal experience with you.

The best ways you can establish a healthy personal relationship with your readers is by focusing on building an email list. Having an email list will ensure that you create a strong relationship with your subscribers that’s much different than the visitors that comment on your posts.

When you invest in your subscribers, they will invest in you, and thus you will be able to make some money from your blog.

You’re Relying On A Single Monetization Method

The amount that your blog generates per month will determine the value if you ever want to sell it. There are hundreds of different ways that you can make consistent income on your blog. The truth is that they all have different capacities to yielding the level of income you’re looking for.

While some will be able to make you hundreds within days, others might make thousands of dollars overnight. However, if you get yourself stuck in those monetization methods with limited capacity, then you might never experience the next phase of it.

For instance, is AdSense the only monetization channel on your blog? While you can generate some money using this method, it’s not sustainable.

Rather than relying on a single source of income, consider having multiple income streams. Other avenues include:

  1.   Affiliate marketing
  2.   Selling digital products
  3.   Sponsored posts
  4.   Consultancy services
  5.   Coaching services

Can you see the pattern? Your world shouldn’t revolve around just one money-making method. Instead, make use of the different techniques, and you’ll be surprised at the amount of money you’ll make.

Inadequate Marketing Skills

Even if you sell the products that people are already interested in, if you lack the right marketing skills to professionally sell them, chances are you won’t make money from them.

You have to market your products using a modern marketing approach that your readers are familiar with. What’s the point of using an outdated marketing approach that only serves to frustrate your readers?

The most accepted and professional way to sell your products is to offer loads of valuable information for free. People love free things – and so take advantage of this and win their heart.

For example, let’s say your blog focuses on helping those who want to start their own blog and make money blogging. The heavens won’t fall if you write a 10,000-word free mini-course eBook and gift it to your readers.  If the readers find the free mini-course useful, some will be willing to pay for a premium course.

Final Thoughts

While blogging can be sustainable, it’s not a get-rich-quick method of making money online. Your blog probably won’t make money for the first few months, but with time, you’ll start seeing some good results.

If you’ve been blogging for some time now but still aren’t earning from your efforts, the first step would be to look at your site objectively and try to figure out why. Once you’ve figured out the reason, you will know how to handle the challenge. Use the ideas above to get you started.

About the Author: Jock Purtle is an online entrepreneur and an expert in valuations of online businesses. He has been featured in CNBC, Forbes, and Entrepreneur. Originally from Australia, he is currently living in America where he helps other entrepreneurs do business online.

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