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Fifth Month Blogging Income Report | How I Made $99.38

July was one of those months where I wrote down a huge list of goals and ended up doing the complete opposite. I know we’ve all gone through one of those months once or twice.

I decided to try to find my brand direction and my blog got a complete makeover! Which took up a lot of my focus so some of my other goals went out the window.

Although I still have a lot of things I want to edit and change on my blog I’m so glad I finally took the time to figure out where I wanted my brand direction to go.

Five months into blogging and I’m still amazed I’m actually making an income from the comfort of my bedroom.¬†And although my stats weren’t quite as high this month since I was focused on remodeling, any progress is good progress so you better believe I’m happy!

I love reading blog income reports and seeing other bloggers progress so I hope my story helps or inspires you in one way or another ūüôā


Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Which means at no extra cost to you, I will be compensated when you use my links. You can read more about our disclosure here.

If you would like to start your own blog (which I highly suggest because it changed my life) I definitely recommend Blue Host¬†to start your blog because It’s only $3.95 a month! Plus you get a free domain name to kick off your brand new blog!

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Top Posts

Everything No One Told You About Being An Adult– 3,566 page views

Date Night Ideas For The Broke– 2,370 page views

Saving Money In Your Twenties | How I Saved $12,000– 955 page views

Monthly Stats


June– 14,930

July Goal– 20,000

July Final– 12,549

August Goal– 16,000

Unique Users

June– 10,322

July Goal– 15,000

July Final– 8,539

August Goal– 11,000

I’m actually pretty happy with my results for the month! Between being extremely busy, changing up my goals for the month, forgetting to schedule pins (oh yes, that’s how busy I was) and summer having a tendency to be a little slower overall for bloggers, I’d say we can call this month a success!

I decided to kick it back into high gear for August since I should have some more time to focus on my blog and strive to hit my 16,000 and 11,000 goals which are the stats from my highest month back in May.

I finally invested in getting an unlimited pinning Tailwind subscription and I’ve already seen improvements my last week when I really started utilizing it.


Got A New Blog Theme¬†– I’m finally starting to find my brand! And thanks to the wonderful world of Etsy I found Sugar + Code. An amazing Etsy store that sells lots of different simple feminine themes for any blog. I had no idea you could even purchase a blog theme off Etsy but I’m so glad I discovered it because it’s awesome!

You can check out everything Sugar + Code has to offer here.

Made My First Amazon Sale¬†– This one had me jumping for joy! I haven’t been putting much focus into blog posts incorporating Amazon products but I really want to fine-tune my strategy this month and hopefully increase my sales.

Bought An Annual Tailwind Subscription РI finally decided to invest in myself and get unlimited automated pinning with Tailwind! Before I would use a combination of Tailwind, BoardBooster, and manually pinning myself. But my schedule has gotten too busy to rely on any manual pinning everyday.

I upgraded my Tailwind¬†subscription at the beginning of the month but somehow forgot to use it until the end. I definitely saw an increase in pageviews when I had a lot more pins going up so I’m excited to see how this does in August.

Started An Instagram For My Blog РI finally have all the major social media platforms set up for my blog! Figuring out how to utilize them exactly is still a challenge since most of my traffic is still coming from Pinterest.

But I know companies look to see if you have a good social media presence when deciding if they want to sponsor you or not so I’m going to continue to participate in the community.

Social Media

Social Media


June– 1,200 followers

July Goal– 2,000 followers

July End– 1,513

August Goal– 2,000

Pinterest definitly took a back seat this month so I’m determined to hit that 2,000 followers mark by the end of the summer. I have two group boards open to contributors as well if you’d like to join!

Join the Bloggers Defying Odds group board here.

Join the Twenty Something’s Survival Guide group board here.


This is honestly becoming the running joke of my blog. Once again I’ve been participating in the community but have yet to get an actual strategy going for my facebook page. Hopefully I can ACTUALLY buckle down and get it done this time.


June– 91 followers

July GoalР200 followers

July End– 249 followers

August Goal– 400 followers

Woohoo! I’m pretty excited about hitting my Twitter goal for the month. Although Twitter definitely doesn’t have much of an impact on my page views, I think it’s a great way to network and meet other bloggers in the community.


July End– 94 followers

August Goal– 200 followers

I made an Instagram account for my blog! This wasn’t on my original list of goals but I’m glad I finally decided to do it. I’m definitely still playing around with how to utilize this platform for my blog so it won’t be my main focus for the month. Hopefully I can learn more from other bloggers in my niche as I go.


I choose to share my income as it is earned, not necessarily when it hits my bank account (although some of it is right away). This helps me gauge how well my strategies are doing and where I can improve.

Blue Host $65

If you are thinking about starting a blog, this bad boy is the reason I now have an official side hustle to keep my rent paid and my fridge full. If you use my link you can get your own website AND domain name for just $3.95 a month! A small investment I made that completely changed my path in life.

Ibotta $14

A.k.a one of the best grocery store cash back apps out there. You buy items you would normally get, and Ibotta gives you free cash back. It’s seriously that simple. Plus you will get $10 for FREE just for signing up!

CJ (Commission Junction) $12

I really like this affiliate network because not only can you reach out to work with brands, brands can reach out to you as well! I’ve found lots of new brands just by them reaching out to me. This is also a great network to join for the newbies.

This is also a great network to join for the newbies.

Qapital $5

Qapital is my all time FAVORITE savings app because it will add money to your savings account based on actions you set like save $1 every time it rains or save $2 every time I take a screenshot on my phone. It even rounds your debit card purchases and saves the change. I’ve saved over $500 with this app!

Shareasale $2

This is my favorite affiliate network so far! There are so many different companies like Checkout 51 and Grammarly within this network that you probably already use some of them on a regular basis and could be getting paid to talk about them! This network is great for bloggers just starting out because you don’t need a huge following to join and start making money.

This network is great for bloggers just starting out because you don’t need a huge following to join and start making money.

Media Net $.85

A great ad network for the blogging newbies because you can start placing customized ads that fit your style throughout your blog without a huge following and make money from them.

Amazon Affiliates .38

Do I even need to explain this one? I don’t know one person who hasn’t bought something off Amazon at least once in their lifetime. All those products you’ve been buying every month can MAKE you money too! This is a program you can use no matter what niche you’re in because Amazon has pretty much anything you can think of.

Total– $99.23


Tailwind Annual Subscription $78.72 (Partially paid for with Tailwind credit)

BoardBooster $10

Total After Expenses– $10.51

My income was a little smaller this month but I’m still so happy because I finally invested in myself and I’m already starting to see it pay off! Taking the plunge and putting a little faith in yourself can be hard especially when it comes to your wallet. But trust me IT’S WORTH IT! And you will be earning that money back in no time at all.

$99.23 (I use the total earned because my expenses are blog investments) could:

  1. Contribute to a vacation
  2. Get you some new staple pieces for your wardrobe
  3. Pay down a credit card debt
  4. Build up your rainy day fund

August Goals

Create A Media Kit– I want to make sure I have a package deal ready to go for sponsored blog post opportunities so I’m not scrambling to put something together when the time comes.

Get A Sponsored Post– Once I’ve got my media kit locked and loaded I want to really make an effort to get a sponsored blog post. I’ve started applying for some opportunities¬†and hopefully I can see an outcome with this.

Create A Twenty Somethings Essentials Page– There are so many things I use on a daily basis that are so helpful in my everyday life. So I want to create a page showcasing all my favorite things for other twenty somethings to easily find.

Finish Pinterest Board Covers– I started creating some new board covers on Pinterest in July but never got around to finishing them. I decided to stick with a more natural feel without words to showcase a high quality image.

Don’t Hesitate, Just Jump In!

That’s probably the scariest phrase ever when it comes to starting something new. But I really can’t express the amazing impact blogging has already had on my life.

It has opened the doors for creating a real stream of income from home to help pay for everyday expenses and save up for future vacations.

If you’re on the fence take a deep breath, and well, jump in! You will never be 100% ready because it’s down right impossible to know everything about blogging. Even the top bloggers are still learning new things every day.

So don’t stress about what you don’t know and focus on what you want to achieve. Once you take that deep breath, I’ve got some blog host options and ways to start monetizing your blog even if you’re a newbie.

Good Luck!

Want To Start A Money Making Blog?

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