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    How To Stop Living Month To Month | Pay Day Is Just Another Day

    Pay day arrives and the fireworks go off, there are lunches, drinks and treats galore. One week later, you’re staring at a dwindling black hole also known as your bank account and unsure how you’re going to make it to the next pay day.

    You then revert to living off oatmeal and rice for three weeks straight as you miserably attend work meetings with a grumbling sad belly.

    The truth is, you have plenty of money to live off but you’re going about spending all wrong!

    You just need a little bit of a financial makeover and I’m going to give it to you!


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    Quit The Cycle And Get Ahead

    Lets get you out of the constant cycle that keeps going around in circles in your financial life. Lets stop the overjoyed feeling when pay day is approaching and consider it to be a normal day.

    Whether you get paid at the start, middle or end of the month you should have equal amounts of money no matter what time of the month it is. Start the process by budgeting with a bullet journal, or binder which will help you to spread out your income and expenses over the course of each month.

    If you find that there are some places where you can cut down on some expenses, add that money to your savings so you can start getting ahead of your finances. As in maybe don’t have a new fresh and expensive meal every night and put that money away.

    Know Your Limits

    You may have already got yourself into debt over extended periods of time, which can often be a terrifying position to be in. You use the majority of your paycheck to pay off a credit card bills and then you’re left with nothing to live off of.

    You end up taking out another credit card in order to get by and so it grows out of control. If this sounds familiar you might want to contact some debt settlement companies. They will be there to assist you to eliminate a chunk of debt you might owe.

    If you think you might need this kind of help, then seek it sooner rather than later. It might just be the lifeline that sets you free from your rut.

    Ditch Your Calendar

    Pay day each month has a big red highlighted circle around it with shooting stars surrounding it in your planner right? It’s time to get rid of it.

    This won’t help you to view pay day as a normal day, so ditch any notes in your calendar that are encouraging you to spend money on that day each month. View your calendar as a whole batch of days that are equal and financially full. You will soon be waving goodbye to pay day treats and you will be able to treat yourself to small things throughout the month and.

    You are in control of your own money, so the change has to start with you! Ask a friend or family member for help if you can’t see where you’re going wrong, they are likely to be the most honest with you.

    Pay Day Is Just Another Day

    Don’t run to the mall as soon as it hits to get that new dress, don’t by out the entire online store that’s having a 30% off sale.

    Pay day is simply a day where your money officially moves into tall the planned categories on your budget.


    It’s time to escape the vicious pay day cycle now and slide seamlessly into financial freedom

    Good luck!

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