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    Getting Through Tough Financial Times

    We’ve all been in very difficult financial circumstances from one time to another. When it comes to truly getting out of money problems, sometimes you have to make some drastic changes.

    The only hard part is sometimes you don’t know what those changes are or where to begin to find them.

    So how do you go about getting through the tough times?

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    Assess Your Unwarranted Dependants

    Do you have anyone not paying their way in your life? Having a leech on your finances can be very difficult, even if this is a close friend relying on your generosity. 

    Sometimes it can be perfectly fine to evict a roommate from your home, or to end a friendship due to a form of financial abuse taking place. Outside of your own personal family and those you are responsible for (such as children,) you owe no one money outside of a contractual obligations to do so.

    For some people, simply adopting this method of looking at their outgoings can give them a much better and wholesome approach to resolving issues. 

    This might be cancelling unneeded subscriptions, downgrading your life a little for the basics, and doing your best to learn financial discipline.

    Know What To Blame

    While personal responsibility must be the core of good financial planning, sometimes the issues you face are not your own. 

    An injury you suffer at your job, that puts you out of work should not be considered your fault in any circumstance, even if your employer seems to want to present the situation that way. In this case using services such as can help you overcome the issues and gain the finances you are rightfully entitled to.

    It could be that your parents are overcharging you for rent, or are making you pay the entirety of the food bill despite already paying rent. Could it be cheaper to live alone, despite your parent’s asking you not to for now? 

    Taking a step back to look at your current situation could be just what your finances need.

    Treating Yourself

    When going through hard times, the urge to treat yourself may grow slightly.

    When I’ve been working hard for my money the first thing on my mind is how can I reward myself for all my hard work?

    Sometimes a little bottle of wine here or a nice clothes shop there can be just what the doctor ordered. But you also need to know when to cut yourself off.

     If you have debts, money to stretch before finding a job, or you are on a limited income, you’re going to need to pay attention to where your money is going.

    Instead of going to the movies a Netflix subscription on your small laptop might be enough, or starting a new book instead of going out on the town for the time being could be the best option. 

    Look for healthier ways to treat yourself during these hard financial times, because plenty of entertainment out there is very cheap and worthwhile in the modern day!

    This can also provide you with that temporary relief you’re looking for.

    Don’t Let The Tough Times Get You Down

    Money problems are inevitable. Everyone goes through them so there’s no reason to feel like you’re going through it alone.

    It’s how you go about getting out of the financial rut that really matters.

    There are always small changes you can make that could have a drastic impact on your wallet. Taking a step, no matter how big or small, is a step in the right direction!

    Good luck!

    Budgeting, Money

    What Do You Do Once You’re Out Of Debt?

    You’ve been shackled by debt for a number of years, but you fought through, saved hard and planned efficiently and your debt free date has finally arrived.

    You no longer have this stress looming over your head, you owe nothing to anyone and you’ve come out at the other end.

    But now that you’re done paying back all that debt you’re going to have some extra money laying around.

    So how do you budget for your new found wiggle room?
    Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Which means at no extra cost to you, I will be compensated when you use my links. You can read more about our disclosure here.

    Keep Up Your Strict Money Planning

    To get out of debt, chances are you took the bull by the horns and made some serious changes to your spending. This might have involved cutting back on luxuries, being frugal and budgeting carefully.

    Now that you’re out of debt, don’t just kick these money habits to the side. Sure, you don’t have to be quite as strict, and after quite some time living on just the basics chances are you’re ready to resume a more ‘normal’ lifestyle. 

    This could involve some money for things like socializing, hobbies or even a car instead of walking or biking everywhere. But be careful about it. Work these costs into your budget and go from there. That way you keep yourself on a good path when it comes to money and don’t start overspending again.

    Save The Money You Were Spending on Debt

    While some of the money you were spending on debt will be used to resume your more normal lifestyle, the rest can be put into a savings account.

    Having a rainy day fund gives you a buffer in case anything goes wrong. This can prevent you having to borrow money and get into debt again in the future if you need access to money, and generally helps you to be more secure and stable.

    Aim to save enough money so that if you weren’t able to work for three months, you would be able to pay your rent/mortgage, bills, food, vehicles and everything else.

    You can also save for fun things too like a weekend getaway, new TV, or a wardrobe update.

    Make Smart Investments

    Once you’ve saved enough money to comfortably live on for three months (keep that money separate) it’s worth pursuing other financial goals. One would be to make smart investments, so that your money works harder and gives you the opportunity to earn more money.

    You could invest in property or start your own business, you could even save to go back into education in order to get a better paid job.

    Who knows, maybe you’ll win the Powerball next week and your money problems will be over forever. But it’s always a good idea to plan for the future, and you can do that by making smart decisions today.

    Learn From Your Mistakes

    Finally, don’t let the stress you went through be in vain.

    Your debt might not have been a great time in your life but chances are you learned some lessons. 

    If you feel like you’re slipping back into old habits, make some changes. Reevaluate your budget and see what areas could use some improvements to ensure you don’t go back to living the debt life.

    Good luck!




    Save Money This Valentines Day | Date Night In

    Oh Valentines Day. A day filled with love, hearts, and of course my favorite color, pink! But with all the fun festivities of the day comes the inevitable spending spree. There are two main money spending days I always mark in my calendar.

    And Valentines Day is definitely one of them.

    Whether you’re celebrating the day with the love of your life or having a day devoted to the amazing ladies you’re lucky enough to call friends or family, you’re going to end up spending some money.

    So how do you save some cash on one of the biggest spending days of the year? It’s simple. You grab my favorite money saving app, and get ready to plan the best romantic date night (or girls night) in!


    Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Which means at no extra cost to you, I will be compensated when you use my links. You can read more about our disclosure here.

    The Food

    So the great thing about a date night in is that you get to do a ton of mini dates all wrapped up into one! First things first.

    Cooking a meal together! This is not only a fun bonding experience but you can improve some of your cooking skills in the process.

    Something I’ve learned from using Pinterest (a lot!) is that you can create an amazing meal without having to sell an arm and a leg to do it. With just a few ingredients you can put together a really tasty dish.

    Now even though you’re not dropping hundreds of dollars at a restaurant, you still need to find a way to knock that price down.

    And that my friends is where Ibotta comes in!

    Buy your food, scan the product or receipt, earn cash back. Oh yeah it’s seriously that easy. Ibotta is giving you cash back for buying things that you were already going to buy anyways!

    So now while you’re dancing and singing in the kitchen as you and your sweetheart (or best friend) are creating a meal together, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing you saved some money!

    The Drinks

    Have you ever seen those awesome mixed drinks the bartender creates like it’s nothing? Well get ready for the next date night event because the two of you are now bartenders in training!

    Browse the internet for some fun drink mix recipes to try, grab the ingredients, and then grab the Ibotta app because there’s a whole section devoted to beer, wine, and spirits!

    And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it does!

    Which means not only are you saving money with your homemade meal, but by using Ibotta  you’re getting cash back on the drink to compliment it too.

    So now as you’re chatting away and laughing about the days events (and looking at all the pictures you took to save the memories!), you won’t have to worry about how much money is left in your bank account.

    Can it get much better than that?

    Free Entertainment

    Remember back in the day before you had a job, a car, or well any kind of real life? And if your parents weren’t able to take you somewhere you had to find ways to entertain yourself at home?

    Well it’s time to get creative again!

    Got some board games? It’s time to battle it out and see who comes out on top!

    Have a bucket list of movies you’ve been wanting to watch? Get Netflix going and snuggle up with some warms blankets.

    Enjoy video games? Pop in a throw back game and reminisce about old times.

    Got some craft supplies lying around? Get your DIY creative juices flowing and create something together!

    When you actually take a look around your house and channel your inner ten year old kid, the possibilities of fun at home entertainment becomes endless!

    Don’t Go Broke This Valentines Day!

    I think we’ve all learned a valuable lesson here. You can have an incredible date night in without spending your entire paycheck!

    Spending the day with your significant other or kicking it with your girls, Ibotta will help you save some extra cash so the day after Valentine’s day isn’t a funeral for your wallet.

    Oh and did I mention you get $10 added to your account just for signing up? Oh yes! If you use my link not only will you be saving money, you’ll be earning some extra money too.

    Now that’s what I call a good Valentines Day!

    Good Luck!

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